1999 World Championships 100m Final

Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. C’mon Bruny! C’mon Bruny!! C’mon Bruny!!!

  2. Best race Surin has ever run.

  3. Bruny that was a fuck of a run for 32

  4. JamesAnderyourstruly

    Go Bruni!

  5. That commentator with the Australian Voice is a LEGEND!!! No Arguments!!!!!

  6. Je l’ai rencontrĂ©e ! I met Bruny Surin Waw

  7. Bruny was gutted after this, he felt he had tightened up as he was
    surprised to be ahead of Green with 20 to go. Poor old Obadele Thompson lol
    another 4th place.

  8. con ou sen droga?

  9. Steve cram is the best right now.

  10. i met bruny. i just saw him at my competition provincial. he gave me a
    t-shirt and a pic signed by him :P .

  11. I met Bruny. He came at my school. Meet him was a great feeling and a great
    honor! Rly impressive

  12. he really shocked everyone with his 9.84 back then but mo was just a great

  13. @LibandAries Oui il s’implique beaucoup, y’a du coeur.

  14. Tonatihu Gutierrez

    pinche greene uno de los mejores de todo tiempo

  15. Bruce FTW (Y)

  16. @bijection765 Bruce McAvaney is his name. He is hands down the best track
    and field commentator ever. He has been doing the olympic commentary since
    1984, as well as the world champs since at least 1987. Knows his stuff,
    does his research and is just a great commentator. Us aussies are lucky to
    have him commentate.