Athletics – Usain Bolt’s Hat – London 2012 Olympic Games Highlights

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  1. TheRandomtechreview

    Bloody hell he must be like 16

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  3. WIlliam Watson

    thank you usain bolt….that was very noble of you…

  4. looks like the guy version of Keira Knightley

  5. winning on every level:)

  6. alot of people say hes just extremely shy and a quiet guy. So maybe not stuckup

  7. Awe … nice kid and what a memory to have for all your life …

  8. Reo kurusarttar


  9. he most probably would have run bare footed, and most probably would have won it too…..

  10. he should model for sure

  11. Lucky boy

  12. good kid

  13. Imagine what the hat will be worth in 20 years time, especially if Usain Bolts records are still standing. He could make quite a bit of money selling it.

  14. Круто! 

  15. You are now fameous George. Hundred of thousand of people around the world knows of you. Maybe one day you will be a great person .

  16. Matthew DeRoos

    good kid

  17. J A M A I C A

  18. He is well known all over the world and that’s why like if you agree

  19. FireVortex720

    Lucky kid, good on ya Bolt!

  20. HeyYoPistachio

    I would have tweaked

  21. skycruiser777

    the greatest of all time and that’s why…

  22. 0.54. Mon4y in the bank ahahaha

  23. slickest man alive

  24. triggertheoriegroupy

    The volunteers cute

  25. awww