Athletics Women’s 4 x 100m Relay Round 1 Full Replay – London 2012 Olympic Games

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  1. Lol you know you have some serious depth when your B team almost breaks the Olympic record

  2. ThaAshiestLBows

    How are u supposed to feel when u break ur national record but the top & 3rd qualifying teams are missin their best 2 sprinters?

  3. they almost kerron stewart wasn’t gonna let Jamaica down now Ukraine is the fastest European people if there handoffs were better there u go

  4. i agree they could of beat Germany they was beating them all around until third leg that’s the same thing that happen to us in our summer track team

  5. kanong tummajunta


  6. Antonin Pauvarel

    I’m a 12 white boy and I do :

    40m 5.7

    50m 6.9

    60m 8.3

    100m 13.7

    200m 30.9

    150m 22.4

    400m 1:14.5 Is that good ?

  7. Andre Goutovets


  8. Daniel Cardenas

    way to go ukraine,you actually beat jamaica,i love you yelizaveta…

  9. the french girls were fast!! but their hanoffs ruined it for them :(

  10. 土井杏南(女子高生!!)、福島千里、石川、佐野、お疲れ様!

    2016 年、Rio de Janeiroオリンピックでも応援します。

  11. SurvivorPoison2

    Actually, they were disqualified because of that. Belarus ended up placing ahead of France.

  12. Look at that a 41.65..

  13. loool 11:22

  14. the french handoff is the worst i’ve ever seen. i think that’s the reason they did not qualify. a very poor handoff!

  15. nice usa