Prince Harry beats Usain Bolt in race

Movie Score: 3 / five

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  1. Hah made Harry look like a fool, Harry thought it was for real -_- get out
    of here you no athlete 

  2. what the toot

  3. ifxyryxsrenyne

  4. no shit sherlock

  5. prince only won bcz he was wearing Jamaican tshirt

  6. so they don’t race then?


  8. Why did Usain let all athletes down by meeting this highly privileged Twat!

  9. aparently usain bolt comes out of the blocks like a grand piano and by the
    time he gets going many people are halfway finshed, so he runs 100m faster
    than the others can run 55m

  10. Christoffer Boman

    Don’t scroll down!!

  11. TinyBubbleExtreme

    0:37 – Harry does Asafa Powell … LMAO!!

  12. im gonna be sick

  13. This is awesome!

  14. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo you dont say genius

  15. *UHUM* ok…

  16. You actually compared Prince Harry to Hitler smh..this conversation is
    officially over.

  17. Are these people serious? what the heck are they arguing about?

  18. Tasteslikedaniel

    If there were no bodygaurds or careers and reputations on the line usain
    would have crushed harrys skull with his bear hands

  19. Mohammed Barrawi

    sports is life and fun how nice!!!!! yes

  20. they were just waiting for a free race

  21. and prince harry started ahead of him…

  22. this is a social commentary on the incessant pampering of the royals.

  23. I’m starting to think that this is fake

  24. looooooooooooooooool

  25. Truth right here!!!