Tyson Gay 9.75 Men’s 100m Final – 2013 USA OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS DES MOINES

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  1. His head moves like he’s on some sort of speed lol

  2. Looking at this everyday cause it was a great race and it’s sad that he
    took a steriod… He probably will never get back to this kind of shape
    when/if he’s back on the track in 2015. Anyway he will go down as one of
    the greatest sprinters of all times.

  3. Tyson Gay forever, he is simply the best, I hope that after this ban he is
    coming back hard

  4. blake can go sub 9.6. he ran his 9.69 into a headwind. give him a 1.x tail
    wind, and another couple o0f years… he’s on course to break the WR. he’s
    more likely than Bolt to do it.. bolt seems lazy..athletes like bolt need
    someone to beat..

  5. thank u

  6. thank you

  7. If he could improve his first 30 to 40 meters, he could theoretically run
    9.58. However, unlikely because he relies way too much on his top end. I’m
    more inclined to agree with you that perhaps a 9.64 or 9.65 is in him right
    now. But one just never knows….

  8. Threaten the world record, seriously?

  9. 9.64??… I doubt he will ever go under 9.70 again, even after serving his
    drug’s ban. Blake looks more likely to dip under 9.70 again. Anyway for a
    guy 5′ 10, Tyson has fairly long arms and legs so his body mechanics favor
    a gradual build up to top speed. There is not much to improve, I think
    Tyson is one of the few sprinters who are pushing their physical limit.
    Bolt however can still run a mediocre race and run 9.75. Blake I think can
    do 9.68 with a perfect race.

  10. still love you tyson

  11. Tim Rodriguez-Diaz

    Tyson is Back!

  12. Amen brother

  13. That was a pretty dominant win

  14. johnathan sanders

    Tyson gay started late and still won…Bolt look out

  15. Tryinotogetbored

    Why is the track reversed? :0

  16. sorry to hear about your positive test Tyson hope it works out for u

  17. a steroid

  18. 9.65 is probably what he will run in Moscow

  19. how long will he be out for

  20. Sorry to hear? Isn’t it his fault that he was doping and cheating?

  21. anyone who knows what he tested positive for yet?

  22. Nohjjohnthegreat

    2 years

  23. Go tyson gay.